Lisa Joe 
Lisa is one of the two Deputy Principals at Lyall Bay School
Interview with Bill English -
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Hon Bill English 
Mr English is the Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand
Interview with Lisa Joe -
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Ron Mark
Mr Mark is the Deputy Leader of New Zealand First Party, and ex Mayor of Carterton
Interview with Ron Mark -
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Annette King
Mrs King is our local Member of Parliament. She opened our station in 2008
Interview with Annette King -
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Richard Galloway
Mr Galloway is an engineer who has worked on a number of projects including the Arras Tunnel
Interview with Richard Galloway -
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Melanie Dean
Mrs Dean is the Principal of Lyall Bay School. She is interviewed by Felix and Liam
Interview with Melanie Dean -
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John Rauhihi
Mr Rauhihi is the caretaker at Lyall ay School. He also spends a lot of time helping with sport in the school. Interviewed by Biancam and Jainie
Interview with John Rauhihi -
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Iva Lenard
Iva works at Weta Digital and has worked on a number of blockbusters such as The Hobbit and King Kong. Interviewed by Lea and Hinera
Andrew Durante
Andrew is the captain of the Phoenix Soccer Team based in Wellington. 
Interview with Iva Lenard -
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Interview with Andrew Durante -
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